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Why Ibogaine Is Not the Answer to the Opioid Crisis

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, news feeds were filled with stories of overdose, skyrocketing death rates, pill mills, and fentanyl. The headlines reflected the loss of lives even among the well-manicured cul de sacs of suburbia; read: White. Less reported, but just as deadly, were other familiar tragedies that were not at all that new. The

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How psychedelic drugs are used as a tool of state violence

There is a long, racist history of psychedelic drugs being used to repress — and oppress In August, 2019, Michael Pollan spoke about the promise of psychedelic therapy to a receptive audience at the American Psychological Association Convention. Pollan was coming off of a very successful year: The New York Timescalled his book one of

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Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine is a psychoactive compound that has been used since the early 1980s as a way of managing withdrawal from opioid addiction. It also helps to reduce cravings for many other drugs and addictive behaviors.

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Making a Case For Giving Free Massages to the Homeless

Holistic health and pursuit of happiness should be available to all, especially those in poverty and struggling. If ever there was an age of anxiety, it is now. We all seem pushed to the limits at work, personal debt is rising, and the housing market is shrinking, while the world around us seems to be

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No Solutions Recovery

Supportive counseling in the ethos of radical acceptance for anyone who has a substance abuse disorder or wants to concentrate on their spiritual life instead of  “the problem”. Non-judgmental coaching helps build a spiritual practice wherever you are with your use, focusing on “where you’re at” and not “where you should be”. Helps you to

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