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Over the last nine years, I have developed a program called “We Are the Medicine,” that works to create an oasis of life and health for the most marginalized New Yorkers: current and former drug users, sex workers, and homeless and formerly incarcerated people. In the midst of the housing crisis and opioid overdose epidemic, “We Are the Medicine” gives poor people access to life-saving ancient technologies of healing and self-care that have come to be understood as luxuries for the privileged: acupuncture and acupressure, massage, meditation, tai chi, sound therapy, group rituals, gardening, and herbal remedies. At our weekly ritual, participants shut out from traditional circles play music, sing, dance, and pray together.  The people who come to “We Are the Medicine” have been pathologized and criminalized for much of their lives. “We Are the Medicine” aims to make them contributors instead of consumers, teaching them how to practice these technologies on their own.

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