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Find your healing path with the safe use of plant medicine.

No Solutions Recovery

By: Dimitri Mugianis

Supportive counseling in the ethos of radical acceptance for anyone who has a substance abuse disorder or wants to concentrate on their spiritual life instead of  "the problem". Non-judgmental coaching helps build a spiritual practice wherever you are with your use, focusing on "where you're at" and not "where you should be". Helps you to moderate behaviors through the use of spiritual practices to help accept you who are and not what you do.  

Dimitri's journey to finding "No Solution Recovery"

"In my journey, I have been through many 'trips'":  12 steps, diets, harm reduction, shamanism, smart recovery, empowerment programs, transformation work, plant medicines, self-help, fitness, non-dualism, holistic health, religion, etc. I was in search of 'a fix', much like my search for a fix in my active drug addiction. In my quest for freedom I had become a solution addict. As one destructive habit or pattern diminished or disappeared another would emerge.  I was told I would need to 'go deeper' that I just had to 'let go' and 'trust the process', 'listen to the Medicine'. I was told I was on a spiritual path, but I wasn’t feeling very spiritual; at times I am still a nervous, angry, resentful person. I came to feel that I was not curable, not fixable and that I had failed. Failed at being present, failed at counting my breaths, failed at letting go, failed at trusting God... failed at being human. No matter how accepting and harm reduction-based my approach was these feelings were echoed back in the work I did with clients in harm reduction and psychedelics. At their core there was a base perception of failing. Me failing the process, thus failing the medicine.  I realized I had been recreating in my work, and in my own healing, the same destructive patterns of the greater society: a linear, hierarchical success - or failure - based approach that presents in failure. This result-oriented approach was doing more damage than good.

I began to see that my 'addictions'  were not only the results of only deep-seated wounds or trauma. My actions and problematic patterns were not just a public  health problem, but at the core of what it means to be human. This often dangerous impulse to pathologize and seek to cure was deepening the wound.  And yes, I am grateful for this insatiable hunger, this yearning born of pain. It has taken me on many adventures and taught me much. I no longer think or feel that the yearning is separate from God. It is not that the drugs, the booze, the food, the sex, are a replacement for God. They are God.  I am still a solution addict, still searching for ways to be fixed, to be cured, but with this ethos I found space to breath.

So, with this I offer "No Solution Recovery”, a non-linear non- hierarchical invitation to connection with one’s  humanity, divinity, and power within.  

We don't encourage or discourage any other practice or program.

We make no guarantees; this is not a breakthrough.

No Solutions.

The only absolute is that you are a divine human regardless of what you shoot, sniff,  or drink, what or how much you eat, or don't eat, and you don't need to stop, slow down, or change the way you do something to connect to spirit, to what some call God. The drugs, the booze, the food, the sex are not a replacement for God, but they are a valuable part of that search that longing.  

You don't need to stop to start living your life, to accomplish the things you want-- the things you deserve. You don't have to wait until you are "okay" before you can love yourself.  You can still grow and accomplish the goals that you set for yourself.

What is "No Solution Recovery"

Supportive counseling in the ethos of radical acceptance

Who is it for?

Anyone who has a substance abuse disorder  and wants to concentrate on their spirit and their life instead of “the problem”.  You don’t have to stop using to connect to God. You are a child of God.

What is it?

Supportive counseling in the ethos of radical acceptance

Helping to build a spiritual practice where you are with your use

Non-judgmental coaching that focuses on where you're at, not "where you should be"

Moderating behaviors through the use of spiritual practices

Acceptance of who you are and not what you do

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