Guest appearance: Dharma Talk

Guest appearance:

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What’s the truth about psychedelics? Can they really make the changes you hear about in the headlines? Or is it just a bunch of crap?

in this podcast…we discuss the truth about psychedelics. It’s not all about the amazing experiences, we also talk about the dangers, the bad “trips” that happen, and who these are not for.

If you are curious about psychedelics, and/or thinking about venturing down that route this is going to be a very interesting podcast for you.

There’s no sugar coating anything and Dimitri is very open about what he’s seen. Both the good and the bad.

Guest appearance: Crimetown

Dimitri Mugianis is a rarity in Detroit: a white kid whose family stayed after everyone like them left. Growing up, he throws himself into the city’s avant-garde underworld, playing in art-punk bands and partying in gay clubs. But when his taste for the nightlife becomes a full-blown heroin addiction, he realizes that he’s in trouble—and, with a hot new drug called crack hitting the streets of Detroit, it’s only going to get worse.

Dimitri Mugianis Talks