Stories from the path

Psychedelic Therapy​

John Q

I’ve participated in two ceremonies in Costa Rica with Dimitri, using psilocybin and MDMA. My first experience with Dimitri was probably the most important experience of my life. I went in wanting to resolve some painful issues. During the ceremony, I experienced love, joy, and oneness. After the ceremony, I knew that God was my friend and loved me. I saw the world with new eyes. And I was glad to have Dimitri there after it was all over so that we could rejoice in the experience together.

My second ceremony with Dimitri was much more challenging, which is what I needed at that particular moment. I learned a lot about my relationship with myself.

Dimitri helped by talking me through the difficulties I was facing. He provided a loving container for me to safely experience the darker, more painful sides of myself. If he hadn’t been there, I fear that I would have been totally overwhelmed by those emotions and had a much more difficult time.

Dimitri not only possesses great spiritual understanding and skill as a healer, but he is a loving and kind person, which I think is the most important quality to seek out when looking for a guide. Even though the experience was challenging, I’m so glad that I did it. I’m now much better off because of it.

In both cases, Dimitri answered my questions beforehand and counseled with me about preparing for the experience. He asked helpful questions that helped me figure out my own intentions for the ceremonies. And after the experience, he followed up to see how I was processing what I had experienced. He provided resources for integration. He is the height of acceptance and is totally un-dogmatic.

There were some ceremonial aspects of the meditations that I wasn’t familiar with before I went in. Dimitri was accommodating in saying we could skip over these aspects if I wanted. I chose to participate in the ceremonial aspects and he explained what was happening and the significance of it very clearly. In the end I was glad that I had chosen to engage with the symbolism and ritual in that way. They contributed to creating that safe container for healing.

I also participate in Dimitri’s disintegration group once a week. Because of Dimitri I’m part of an accepting community. I’ve benefited from Dimitri sharing his extensive knowledge of medicine and spirituality.

Psychedelic Therapy​

Julie M

My first journey was with Dimitri and I couldn’t have asked for a better guide and to that I will be forever grateful.

Dimitri held the space like no other. I felt incredibly safe when I was at my most vulnerable , from beginning to end I was in good hands. He listens to you, will not push any ideas or steer you in any direction, he gives it his all and is fully invested before, during and after your journey creating a safe and secure space. He creates a sincerely welcoming atmosphere, if you’re nervous for any reason he’ll talk you through it, take the edge off and make you feel at ease. He’s real, he’s humble and connects with you on a human level, as opposed to feeling like you’re just another transaction.

To describe Dimitri in a nutshell “He’s a higher priest, disguised as an everyday human doing God’s work”.

As the old adage goes “When the student is ready the master will appear” , if you’ve found Dimitri, rest assured the angels are looking out for you.

Personal Coaching

Tucker Rosemyer

I first met Dimitri in the winter of 2018. I knew a friend that was having dinner with him and I pleaded my case to tag along.

From the moment I met him I knew that he was someone that could help me in many ways on my path to healing.

Over the course of the next year I spoke with Dimitri once a week. His demeanor and knowledge have been a great service to me as I battled my own demons of addiction and mental crises. With Dimitri’s help I have been able to stay on my path and excel in all areas of my life. His intimate knowledge of plant medicine coupled with his expertise in harm reduction have been a valued resource in my own rebirth. He has not only become a great life coach but also a dear friend. I am indebted to him and still remain close to this day.