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Find your healing path with the safe use of plant medicine.
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Dimitri is uniquely qualified to provide psychedelic consultation with over two decades of experience as a psychedelic practitioner. He is recognized as a pioneer, combining a harm reduction philosophy with holistic modalities, and addiction recovery. 

He has worked extensively with Iboga, psilocybin, and other psychedelics. 

Through the psychedelic process he has assisted thousands of people, has spoken around the world, published, and been featured on many media outlets including: New York Times, Village Voice, Rolling Stone,The Guardian, NPR, VICE, News, and HBO. 

Presently as a co-founder of Cardea Dimitri facilitates mushroom ceremonies in Jamaica and Ketamine at their New York City facility for those searching for relief from suffering or personal growth.

Are you dealing with trauma, addiction, rumination?

Do you just want a more spiritual experience?

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